Kinkie is the largest UK adult marketplace, and it focuses on selling old underwear and other personal goods and has thousands of registered vendors. We were interested in learning more about this enormous fetish market. Therefore, we have decided to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the well-known marketplace for secondhand underwear in this feature.

Kinkie, founded in 2014 and initially targeting the UK audience, has grown into one of the world’s largest (and safest) underwear markets. There has always been a sizable market for worn underwear in Asia, but Kinkie was one of the first websites to target a Western audience.

What we loved about Kinkie is that there is no discrimination amongst members. Living in a toxic day and age, it was a nice breather to come upon a website that accepts everyone, regardless of their sexuality or personal beliefs, with open arms.

On Kinkie, we found anything from pre-owned underwear, socks, and shoes to LGBTQ+ inclusive clothing like cross-dressing or transgender apparel, as well as items like sex toys, dildos, gym clothes, and even pajamas! That’s not all, either. Some people are even selling photo albums, videos, or services (such as sexting, phone calls, etc.). We found a lot of variety to choose from.

Our final score for Kinkie is 8/10. Some minor improvements are left, but Kinkie is on a good path to becoming the largest adult marketplace on the internet. We’re eager and excited to see what’s next for them.